Badam/Almond Laddu

Post  No.215

Badam/Almond Laddu is  a classical Indian sweet  made of almonds. Jaggery and coconut. This laddu has nutty texture and taste. This is a quick sweet that can be prepared in just 2o minutes.


1 cup Almonds

1 cup grated Coconut

1 cup Jaggery powder

3 tbsp Ghee

½ tsp Cardamom powder

1 tbsp chopped Almonds

1 tbsp Raisins

½ tsp pepper powder


Dry Roast Almonds  on a medium heat until you get an aroma. Set aside to cool

Now roast coconut till golden brown in colour and set this aside to cool.

Add one tablespoon  ghee to a pan and the chopped almond and raisins. Roast till the raisins are puffed up.

In a blender add roasted Almonds. Coconut and Jaggery powder and blend into a coarse powder.

Transfer it into a bowl. Add cardamom powder, pepper powder, 2 tbsp ghee and the fried nuts and raisins to it. Mix well.

Take small portion of this mix and roll them to laddus

Enjoy  your Badam Laddus.

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