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In my cooking journey  of signature dishes of Indian states, today I have very unique and one of the most exotic recipe from Goa– this is Goan Sannas or steamed rice cake or Goan Idli. The Goan cuisine is predominantly seafood because of its vast coastline. Coconut is also used extensively because coconut trees are abundant in the state. The goan cuisine can be broadly divided into two categories- the Hindu cuisine and the Catholic cuisine. Sannas are  Catholic cuisine. The batter consist of rice and coconut fermented with toddy or yeast. Sannas are a popular accompaniment for sorpotel, xacuti or chicken curry.


2 cups idli rice

1 coconut grated

2  ½  teaspoon dried yeast

2 tblsp urad dal

3 tablespoon sugar

Salt to taste

1 cup warm water


Soak the rice and dhal in water for 3 or 4 hours

Drain the water and grind the rice and dal into a smooth paste

Then Grind the grated coconut into a fine paste.

Mix yeast with one table spoon sugar and the warm water. Allow to sit for a few minutes and it will begin to rise

In a bowl mix rice, coconut paste ,salt, 2 table spoon sugar and yeast water. Mix well to form a thick batter.

Allow the batter to ferment for  3 hours

Grease small steaming moulds  or (vatis)with oil. Pour ½  of each mould with the batter

Place the moulds in the steamer and steam for 10-15 minutes till fluffy.

Once cool, remove carefully and serve with any spicy curry of your choice.

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