Narikol Pitha

Continuing the thread of Signature Dishes of Indian States, next is a sweet delicacy from Assam – Narikol pitha. A typical Assamese dessert made during the festival of Bihu. It is an oil free roasted rice pancake called Pitha with a delicious coconut filling and is known as Narikol Pitha.  Dry rice powder is spooned onto a hot tawa to make pitha.  The sticky nature of the rice acts as natural binder for these pancakes.


I cup of sticky rice

1 cup grated coconut

½ cup sugar

A pinch of salt

Few cardamom pods


Wash and soak the rice for 3 hours. Strain the rice and spread it out on a cloth or a towel. When it is partially dry grind the rice and then sieve it to get a very fine powder. Press the rice powder in the container to make air tight and cover it with a wet cloth

Meanwhile add sugar to the grated coconut. Put this sweet coconut mix in a pan and stir for some time in a low flame. Add cardamom to this and stir for ten minutes till we get a nice golden brown colour. Leave the coconut mix to cool down

Add a pinch of salt to the rice powder and mix well

Warm up a flat pan and take a spoonful of the flour and make small round of about half centimeter thickness.

The heat makes the flour stick and forms small pancake like shape. Add two teaspoons of coconut mix in the middle of the pitha  and roll it out

Keep aside for a while on the side of pan so that the pitha is crisp. Turn once.

It can be preserved for more than a week if kept in air tight container. But it tastes  delicious directly of the pan with a hot cup of tea.

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